May 2, 2012

Game over man!!! Colonial Marines

       When I first saw that they were coming out a with new game based off of one of my most favorite scifi series movies Aliens, I was a little stand-offish.  There have been many adaptations of the Aliens movies for videos games dating back to the SNES.  I have played every last one, and honestly, was disappointed by all.  When Alien vs Predator came out in 2010 I was very excited.  Finally they had released a game worthy to have the same title of the excellent Aliens saga.  Then with the recent announcement of Aliens: Colonial Marines, all I can say is, YES!  After days of research and watching video after video, I can say, this is going to be the best Aliens game yet. 
    The game was announced back in 2008 with a 2009 release, however, it sat on Sega's back burner for some time so they could release Borderlands and Duke Nukem.  Now the game is back on and is set to release in the Spring of 2012, so, soon hopefully, lol.  
     While watching the videos the thing that stands out most to me the most is the sounds.  The sounds of the Aliens screeching, the blast of the pulse rifles, the tell tale pinging of the motion sensor, I felt like I was watching the movie.  Having the Xenomorphes pop-out just about anywhere makes it as intense as the movie is.  Publisher Sega with developer Gearbox Software, is right on the mark with this.  They have been working directly with creative directors of Aliens and 21st century Fox studios to be as accurate as possible. 
    The game is taking place after the the 3rd Aliens movie.  You play as a Colonial Marine sent back to LV-426  as a search and rescue mission.  You  find the abandoned U.S.S. Sulaco in orbit around LV-426. Eventually you make your way down to the planet looking for survivors, mainly Lt. Ripley and Corp. Hicks.  The game takes you right in the middle of Hadley's Hope, yes its still there even after the power reactor exploded, where the movie Aliens took place.  Watching the video you can see very recognizable items and places from the movies such as the facehuggers in the specimen jars, and the map that they used in the movie to find the "civi's".   From the motion sensors to the remote sentry turrets, this game looks to stick very close to the Aliens model from the movie.  With out much more information about the game or even more leaked videos, I can't be sure of many details as of right now.  I do know there will be a multiplayer.  The game will have four player co-op online with drop-in/drop-out during the campaign.  No solid details have been released for online multiplayer,however, Gearbox has hinted at a "Aliens vs. Marines" style online multiplayer.  One thing I notice on the video of the game play, is that it had no HUD, which in my opinion would make the game a little more exciting and fun with just your gun, ammo counter and the pinging sound of the motion sensor.  I'm hoping to take on the alien Queen just so I can say  "Get away from her you bitch!"  (you would get that if you have seen the movie)  
   Well I can't wait to get my pulse rifle on, and maybe some acid blood action.  So Marine, get ready to blast some Xenomorphes.  Stay frosty!

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