April 29, 2012

The Avengers movie trailer

This is a new trailer I found for the movie The Avengers.  If you are not already excited for this movie then maybe this will help.  Plus you are not excited for The Avengers movie then you are not a true geek and should not be on this blog  So here is a good sneak peek at The Avengers.

Come get some....Battlefield 3 new DLC

Battlefield fans are going to get a new DLC map soon.  The map is called "Donya Fotress".  The map is going to be a close quarters combat map, with lots of destroy able cover spots and lots intense combat.  Check out the video below for a preview of whats to come.  As always please follow my blog and visit my sponsors.  Post comments please.


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April 28, 2012

Black Ops 2 possible release date leaked....

   Just in case you haven't heard  (and if you haven't, you are probably dead), Activision developer, Treyarch, has been rumored to be working on the next release in the line of Call of Duty games.  Call of Duty Black Ops 2 has been rumored to being in production since a French version of Amazon "accidentally" released a pre-order for COD Black Ops 2.  Since then speculation has been whether it was true.  Well now its being said that Treyarch is going to release details on the upcoming game on May 1st.    A release date has been leaked by several sources, and a picture of pre-order card was taken by an IGN magazine reader.  
    So when is the game being released?  No one know for sure, BUT the rumor is that the game is being released on November 6th.  Like all other Call of Duty games before it will release just in time for a Holiday season, attempting to bring in as much money as possible.  Personally, I am a huge fan of the COD series and I think that Black Ops was one of the best Titles released under the name sine the first Modern Warfare.  Everything seems to counting on the release of information by Treyarch on May 1st.  so hears looking at you Treyarch, don't let us down (achoo-infinityward).     As always, please comment and follow.  and click on my sponsors.

Guild Wars 2 Beta weekend...for those lucky ones.

For those lucky enough to have pre-ordered Guild Wars 2 or lucky enough to have received a Beta code, this weekend is the Beta open.  You will have the chance to play 3 of the different races.  Those lucky few will be able to experience the world of Tyria before the masses.  I said it before and I'll say it again,  if you don't play mmo's, you should and you need to play this game.   More updates later.... please post comments and follow.

April 26, 2012

Bioshock: Infinite trailer

I've been a big fan of Bioshock series, and I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this up coming prequel to Bioshock.  It is a prequel but it does not take place in Rapture like the previous games. Here is a quick glimpse.  As always please follow my blog for more gaming news and visit my sponsors for more information.

April 25, 2012

The Gunsmith....just another reason to love the Kinect

If you haven't seen gameplay of the new Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, one question,  what the hell is wrong with you?!  This game looks amazing.  And anyone with a Kinect should be extremely excited for the new Gunsmith section of the game.  Finally we can use our hands to customize our guns for the game.  Hopefully its as addictive as this trailer says it too be. And to be able to customize your gun on your computer and on your phone, so when you get home you can use that gun online, just epic..  More on this game later.

April 23, 2012

New Modern Warfare 3 maps and Spec ops!

Are you ready!?  the new black box map pack is coming out for MW3 and it looks to be awesome.  Still wish they would bring back some maps from the first modern warfare.
Oh yea!

April 22, 2012

Medal of Honor: Warfighter, shooting blanks?

Developer Danger Close is bring out their next installment of their revival of the Medal of Honor series.  The first Medal of Honor promised so much in the ways of combat and as a fps.  I personally bought the game the day it came out expecting to be blown away by epic graphics and awe inspiring explosions.  The game did delivery in the way of sense of feeling like real combat scenarios unlike some fps's that are out there, cough cod.  I felt like they left a lot to be desired.  The weapon customization wasn't nearly what I thought it would be and the map selection was poor.  The idea of play real-life soldiers in a actual real-world places in events that actually took place was the hook that drew me in.  Now it looks like Danger Close is looking to hook me again continuing on the roles of Preacher, Mother and Voodoo throwing them in some more of the real-world scenarios.   Danger Close is taking pages, literally right out of the book.  They are using scenarios right out of, what Tier 1 operators call their "vent book,"  which is basically a journal from these special forces that recap the missions from across the globe.  So jumping into these roles of Tier 1, will give you a feeling of authenticity.  
   Now visually the game is shaping up to look amazing.  Graphics that look and feel like the first MoH and even like Battlefield 3, Danger Close is using the Frostbite 2 engine for graphics and the demolition.  Now unlike Battlefield 3, buildings will not crumble and walls will not be destroyed by explosions, at least not yet, however, bullets do chew through you cover leaving you exposed, destroying just about everything else that is in the area.  Dice will not be doing the multiplayer in this release, Danger Close will be taking that on themselves, which may make for a better experience.  Little details have been released about multiplayer, either rank progression, weapon customization and such.  Exec. producer Greg Goodrich, has stated that the game is inspired by the  FIFA game model.  What?!  That's what I said.  The idea is National pride.  Not everyone in the world wants to play as a US Navy Seal.  The game is going to include 11 different special forces groups from around the world, including the British SAS or Polish GROM.    Multiplayer will be a switch because you no longer be facing real world terrorists like the Taliban (which got the first MoH in trouble).  You will face eachother as one of the 11 worldwide special forces teams, pitting the elite verses the elite.  I plan on checking this game out soon after the release which has not yet been revealed.  I still think I will stick to Battlefield 3, though Danger Close is trying to get their name in the big shooter game genre with Warfighter.

Guild Wars 2, finally here!

ArenaNet first revealed Guild Wars 2 over 5 years ago.  It is one of the most anticipated MMO's for the last several years.  Since then players of the first game have been waiting patiently on the edge of their seats for this MMO,  that is going to be epic beyond the word.  I have been following this game for several years now and the anticipation of knowing the game is coming out this year, is killing me.  For MMO fans, you better stock up on your favorite snack and get some energy drinks, because you will not want to put this one down.  The graphics are stunning and the professions and races look to make gameplay any MMO fan happy.  All races have no profession restrictions, so everyone race you pick you can still pick any profession/class you want.  The races will go as follows:
The Sylvari, a plant-based life form that resembles elves from other races.
The Norn, a race of shape-shifting barbarians of the frozen lands.
The Charr, large feline-like race, strong and pride-full.
The Asura, this small subterranean race is know for their intelligence and magic.
The Humans, an embattled race that has lost much of their own land to other races.
All five races will have access to all the different professions, mesmer, engineer, thief, guardian, necromancer, ranger, warrior, and elementalist.  During character creation you also get to choose your own lore, by choosing specific events or deeds you can start with, which will have an impact on how your story plays out through out the game.  All races start in their own home worlds within a shard.  The active combat is going to make this game stand out in a big way.  Unlike most  MMO's the standard of standing there exchanging blows back and forth is not a huge part of this game.  You will be able to dodge and roll away from enemies avoiding their attacks and block attacks with enemies if you have a shield equipped.  Another awesome aspect of combat is the skill sets.  Changing out weapons, say two handed sword for a short sword and shield, will change out the basic skills you can use.  ArenaNet has also done away with the typical healer/tank/damage roles that many classes play in the typical MMO.  In Guild Wars 2, every person will be self sufficient, meaning they will be able to tank, deal damage and apply self healing.  Different skills, including healing skills can be setup as an auto-attack skill.  All professions are self supporting. Team work will benefit players a great deal.  For instance, if a player casts a wall of fire barrier for protection, then all ranged attacks passing through the wall will deal fire damage.
    For PvP players, zone control battles will happen every two weeks according to ArenaNet.  They have created PvP maps "as big as our models could handle."  Their will be large 12 on 12 battles domination style.  Every two weeks each Shard will face another in PvP battles.
   As far as events go, questing will be fairly straight forward, however their will be zone-wide events.  One instance being, if town in your area is under attack you can choose to help or ignore it.  Later on though, the town will be over taken and you must help to take it back by battling the enemy back.

Guild wars 2 has been teasing gamers for over 5 years, finally we will be able to get our hands on it.  GW2 will be free to play, after initial purchase of the game of course, continuing their successful business model of GW1. There will be no beta for the masses but there are plenty of videos out there.  ArenaNet promises a 2012 release.  Though no official release date is set, you can pre-order your copy now.  I know I plan on it.  Check out some of the videos here, and follow my blog and please check out my sponsors.

April 20, 2012

Halo 4, Its good to be the Chief.

      Halo 4 is the next installment of the most beloved and recognizable game franchises, with the return of Master Chief  and his smart (and sexy), AI companion, Cortana.  Microsoft has created a new development team called 343 Industries to be "the wardens of the franchise."  Bungie, the original developer of the previous Halo games has broken away from Microsoft to pursue a new project with Activision, more on that later.  343 Industries looks to be making some good improvements so far in the game.  I haven't seen any screenshots yet, its looking like Chief is getting some bulky improvements.   The guns have been remodeled to look completely different, the changes are amazing.  The battle rifle a will be returning with a few "upgrades" according to 343.  The HUD is going to have a few tweaks.  343 is trying to make you feel like the powerful soldier that is the Master Chief.
       343 Industries is make a direct continuation of Halo 3, beginning right were we left Master Chief, in cryo sleep on the burning wreckage of the Forward Unto Dawn.  The game will pick up as Cortana awakes Chief saying his name, John.  To me this shows that the relationship between Cortana and Chief is a little closer then it was before.  According to 343, the Dawn has come upon a planet that will harbor a race known as the Forerunners.  This race is responsible for the creation of the Halo array.  This along with the Covenant will be the main antagonist in Halo 4.  The campaign is going to discover an all new planet and the new Forerunner race, but will be more drawn to the relationship that has formed between Cortana and Chief.  Cortana will begin her degradation process, a process that all AI begin to reach after their 7 year life span.  Not a whole lot of details have been released for the campaign side of Halo 4, but the multiplayer seems to be the biggest improvements, or changes, they have made.
      Multiplayer is going to have a full back story and will intersect with the campaign of Master Chief and will explain why the red Spartans fight the blue Spartans.  You be playing as the new Spartan IV, a shiny new upgraded version.  The Spartan IV's will be customizable much more then before, but to what extent, we are still not sure.  The multiplayer will take place on a ship called the USNC Ifinity. The multiplayer will take place in a "holo deck" style battlefield, similar to the holo deck on Star Trek or danger room from X-Men.  They are introducing a new mode called Spartan OPS.  It will play out like a tv series, with new "episodes" every 2 weeks.    If you miss an episode, don't worry because it will be possible to start at the beginning even though you have missed a few weeks worth of episodes. There will be a rank progression similar to COD according to some sources including armour upgrades and abilities.  Weapon attachments were rumored, however, nothing has been confirmed yet.  343 Industries has stated that no foreseeable beta will be available, which will ruffle some feathers for gamer's.  Everyone knows that the best way to get feedback and to make a game better is to test it, and what better way to test it then with the direct audience. Whether your a Halo die-hard or maybe just a FPS fan I think this game is going to be a step in the right direction for the next Halo.  Check out some of the videos here:

April 19, 2012

The Mass Effect Ending....what?!

So I have yet to be able to pick up my copy for Mass Effect 3 (monetary problems), but I have been hearing this controversy over the games ending.  Now some gamers are actually petitioning that Bioware change the ending or add content that will allow the gamers to change the ending they way they want.  Now to me this seems a little foolish.  Bioware has made the ending of the game they saw fit, just because the gamers do not agree with the ending doesn't mean that the company should change it.  This in my opinion would damage the artistic integrity of the company.  Bioware has brought us on this long and interesting story and now they have ended how they see fit.  Hopefully I won't pick up any spoilers along the way, but I don't see the point of getting upset over the ending.  Not since the TV show Lost ended in the controversial way that the show was known for, have I seen a following reprimand a company for not giving them what they wanted.  The artistic direction of game is not for the gamers too decide but for us to either experience they way the game creators intended.  Would an artist who painted a masterpiece change it because of a few critiques?  I think not.  Video games, much like art, have to take a creative direction in order to capture the audience.  Bioware has captured its audience through a masterfully written story line and characters that have captured the heart and minds of gamer's the world over.Shouldn't the artists have  the control of which direction the piece should go?  Possibly changing the vision that Bioware had for this game could have an impact on future game development.  Game developers have always listened closely to fan-based feedback to make games that tailor to the gamer's but to what extent?  Eventually art becomes washed down versions of what was suppose to be created.  I think developers have always listened to the fans and always do their best to make the fans happy with the best solutions.  So it comes to the point of satisfying the upset fans or maintaining artistic integrity.  Whats your opinion?  What should Bioware do to level the situation?  I have heard Bioware is coming out with DLC to compensate and continue the story of Commander Shepard.  Will this win back the hearts of the upset fans?  I know can't wait to get my hands on this game and see what all the fuss is about.

First upcoming reviews

So, since I am fairly new at this and I do not have access to games that are not out yet most of my reviews will consist of currently released games.  I will cover all genres and console types and I will take requests from those of you who have thoughts or are unsure about which game to buy.   I will try my best to keep up-to-date information about new games, other materials, as current as possible.  Lots of gamers always have that problem of not knowing if they should buy this game or that game.  I just had the same problem with deciding on whether or not to buy Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3.  Now I have been a huge Modern Warfare fan, the realism and intense graphics of Battlefield won me over.  To me it was toss up between a run shoot-em up game and a tactical/strategic game.  I will soon purchase Modern Warfare 3, however, the idea of being quick scoped and knifed from ridiculous long ranges was definitely a put off.  I did my research, reading many reviews and countless videos on youtube, but in the end I went with the game that was least liked, Battlefield 3, mainly because it spoke to a side of me that craved realism that is Battlefield.  

Another game I am currently playing is a 5 year old MMORpg that is Lord of the Rings Online.  Any of you familiar with the MMO scene this is a spectacular MMO whether your a fan of MMO's or just a fan of the movies.  I have been playing for a little over a year and still enjoy it to this day.  Now, there is a big hitter coming out soon, some of you may know, called  Guild Wars 2. Any of you know this one?  You should, because if you don't, then I will be reviewing and posting as much content on this game as possible.  This stands to be one of the better if not best MMO to date, my opinion of course.    
Again thank you for stopping by and I hope to have my first video and reviews up soon.

April 18, 2012

My up-and-coming blog.

I play a lot of games, and a I love all sorts of genres.  I consider myself a pretty hardcore gamer.  Like most of you who are reading this, I like to read reviews from many sources before I make choices on games.  The goal here is to give a perspective of a true gritty gamer, like yourself, on games that we all want to play or have played.  Lots of you will not agree with my opinions and would probably like to say otherwise and that is fine, my only point is to help educate some people on games and other related topics before they decide on spending money and hours on a game that may not be what they are looking for.  This is the first time I have done anything like this so  I expect and hope for rash and harsh feedback.