April 19, 2012

First upcoming reviews

So, since I am fairly new at this and I do not have access to games that are not out yet most of my reviews will consist of currently released games.  I will cover all genres and console types and I will take requests from those of you who have thoughts or are unsure about which game to buy.   I will try my best to keep up-to-date information about new games, other materials, as current as possible.  Lots of gamers always have that problem of not knowing if they should buy this game or that game.  I just had the same problem with deciding on whether or not to buy Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3.  Now I have been a huge Modern Warfare fan, the realism and intense graphics of Battlefield won me over.  To me it was toss up between a run shoot-em up game and a tactical/strategic game.  I will soon purchase Modern Warfare 3, however, the idea of being quick scoped and knifed from ridiculous long ranges was definitely a put off.  I did my research, reading many reviews and countless videos on youtube, but in the end I went with the game that was least liked, Battlefield 3, mainly because it spoke to a side of me that craved realism that is Battlefield.  

Another game I am currently playing is a 5 year old MMORpg that is Lord of the Rings Online.  Any of you familiar with the MMO scene this is a spectacular MMO whether your a fan of MMO's or just a fan of the movies.  I have been playing for a little over a year and still enjoy it to this day.  Now, there is a big hitter coming out soon, some of you may know, called  Guild Wars 2. Any of you know this one?  You should, because if you don't, then I will be reviewing and posting as much content on this game as possible.  This stands to be one of the better if not best MMO to date, my opinion of course.    
Again thank you for stopping by and I hope to have my first video and reviews up soon.


  1. the knifing is def better on MWF3 u cant jump a mile to knife someone anymore, quickspoping is not as bad battlefield 3 is good but i think when it takes 4 bullets from a sniper rifle to kill someone is wrong so that the weapon damage pissed me off and keeps me from playing online alot.....

  2. I had my chance to play a little bit of MW3 and Battlefield 3 on the PS3, I would say I think I would enjoy Battlefield 3 better just because of the awe inspiring explosions and tactics side of it. I still love mw3 but It just gets a bit annoying with quick scoping and lagging and hacks all the time.