April 22, 2012

Medal of Honor: Warfighter, shooting blanks?

Developer Danger Close is bring out their next installment of their revival of the Medal of Honor series.  The first Medal of Honor promised so much in the ways of combat and as a fps.  I personally bought the game the day it came out expecting to be blown away by epic graphics and awe inspiring explosions.  The game did delivery in the way of sense of feeling like real combat scenarios unlike some fps's that are out there, cough cod.  I felt like they left a lot to be desired.  The weapon customization wasn't nearly what I thought it would be and the map selection was poor.  The idea of play real-life soldiers in a actual real-world places in events that actually took place was the hook that drew me in.  Now it looks like Danger Close is looking to hook me again continuing on the roles of Preacher, Mother and Voodoo throwing them in some more of the real-world scenarios.   Danger Close is taking pages, literally right out of the book.  They are using scenarios right out of, what Tier 1 operators call their "vent book,"  which is basically a journal from these special forces that recap the missions from across the globe.  So jumping into these roles of Tier 1, will give you a feeling of authenticity.  
   Now visually the game is shaping up to look amazing.  Graphics that look and feel like the first MoH and even like Battlefield 3, Danger Close is using the Frostbite 2 engine for graphics and the demolition.  Now unlike Battlefield 3, buildings will not crumble and walls will not be destroyed by explosions, at least not yet, however, bullets do chew through you cover leaving you exposed, destroying just about everything else that is in the area.  Dice will not be doing the multiplayer in this release, Danger Close will be taking that on themselves, which may make for a better experience.  Little details have been released about multiplayer, either rank progression, weapon customization and such.  Exec. producer Greg Goodrich, has stated that the game is inspired by the  FIFA game model.  What?!  That's what I said.  The idea is National pride.  Not everyone in the world wants to play as a US Navy Seal.  The game is going to include 11 different special forces groups from around the world, including the British SAS or Polish GROM.    Multiplayer will be a switch because you no longer be facing real world terrorists like the Taliban (which got the first MoH in trouble).  You will face eachother as one of the 11 worldwide special forces teams, pitting the elite verses the elite.  I plan on checking this game out soon after the release which has not yet been revealed.  I still think I will stick to Battlefield 3, though Danger Close is trying to get their name in the big shooter game genre with Warfighter.

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