May 8, 2012

Resident Evil 6

I still remember the first time playing the resident evil games.  I was in my early teens and it was about midnight and me and my friend had all the lights off, and boom!  A zombie crashed through the window, in the game of course.  Resident Evil 6 is actually going to be the 26th game in the Resident Evil series.  This addition to the series promises to be a return to the magic that made the first Resident Evil's so famous.  Capcom is coming up with a way to bring all the good things from the original games and adding new twists.  This will be the first ever Resident Evil game where Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield star in the same game.  Also thrown into the mix is Jake Muller, son of the late Alex Wesker.  Capcom is going to be showing off some new environments with RE6.  All 3 of the main characters will have their own storyline, but will converge in the main setting of China.  And finally, in RE6 zombies will be returning, but with a few twists.  These are not going to be the same zombies we saw in the RE4 or RE5, they will hold more true to the original zombies.  They will,however, be able to run and jump at you, and they will mutate which will change the fight all together.  
   As a fan of the survival-horror series, Resident Evil, I was looking forward to the day when I could run and shoot at the same time.  Well now according to Capcom, that is one of the updates to the new controller setup.  You will be able to run and shoot, as well as slide and shoot up at your enemy and duck behind cover.  Even with these changes to the controller scheme, Capcom says it will not be a run-and-gun type shooter.  It will still involve action sequences that keep you on edge.  Capcom also claims to have moved a little a way from the survival-horror aspect of the game to more of horror as and entertainment aspect, which is what the game is really about.
    The games release date has been pushed back till November of 2012, which is not really surprising.  The latter part of the year is always when the best games come out.   I'm really excited to see how this chapter of the Resident Evil saga pans out.  I'm also just really excited to hear that creepy voice at the start of the game to say "Resident Evil...6". LOL.  


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    1. Thanks. I'm really behind on my reviews. So many games and good videos have come out and I haven't done anything recently. I haven't even covered the E3 coverage yet. Lots of stuff coming out. I checked out your page, very nice. I hope you keep following.